Music has always been a major part of my life. I grew up in a musical home, always intrigued listening to my grandfather play his favorite church hymns on classical guitar.

I was exposed early to The Beatles, Latin Jazz, and Michael Jackson— thus my love for music continued to grow. At the age of 15 I picked up the guitar and to this day, I have not put it down. As I moved from my teenage years into adulthood, I discovered new styles of music from the likes of Miles Davis to classical.

I began my own music education by reading books, taking private lessons, and playing in front of people, whether at churches, coffee shops, or LA concert venues. I studied guitar performance at Citrus Community College and now have over 20 years of experience in both worship ministry and providing private music lessons.

My goal for WM Music Lessons is to offer much more than typical private music lessons, which I noticed would tend to lack in personal connection. All of us at WM Music Lessons desire to form a strong relationship with each student. We believe in focusing on the unique interests of each individual we teach, allowing them the opportunity to tap into their personal gifts and talents. We want to refine their skills, encourage and motivate them to continue, then watch them grow in confidence and competence as musicians.


I love to pour myself into each lesson and my hope is that our students use what they learn at WM Music Lessons to thrive as responsible and poised individuals, no matter their age or background. 


Noah Wolfenden

Guitar/Bass Guitar/Ukulele/Piano

Growing up, Noah didn’t have your typical upbringing. For one, he grew up as the child of missionary parents in the Philippines. This is something Noah would come to treasure for the rest of his life. Being around ministry, Noah would be intrigued by music at an early age and thus begin his musical journey by learning the guitar.

Noah was also homeschooled.

As his family moved back to the states, Noah continued to develop his love for music. This led to him attending and graduating from the Calvary Chapel School Of Worship in Costa Mesa. Noah excelled at this school in which he learned to play piano, ukulele and bass that he was approached to be on staff at the School Of Worship. Since joining the WM Music Lessons team, Noah has connected with many families. He enjoy the opportunity to encourage and develop our students.

“Noah has been absolutely great with our daughter, Asher. He explains and teaches in a way that encourages our child to practice and keep progressing as a student.”

-Tara, WM Music Lessons Parent


Amy Bender

art | violin | piano

Amy Bender earned a Bachelors of Science from Biola University, in fine arts, with an emphasis in drawing and painting.  She also holds two teaching credentials: a single subject credential in art, and a mild to moderate special education credential.  Amy has over seven years of classroom teaching experience.

Amy Bender has dedicated 30 years to playing the violin and was originally trained in the Suzuki Method.  In High School she was privileged to play with the Metropolitan Youth Symphony, Portland Oregon and in College was a member of the Biola University Orchestra. Committed to teaching beginning violinists, Amy has taught the violin for three years privately.

“Ms. Amy is a wonderful, patient and inspirational teacher.  My daughter looks forward to Monday’s, that is the best day of the week, because she has art class. I highly recommend Ms. Amy as a teacher because of her passion and inspiration for what she does.” 

-Veronica, WM Music Lessons Parent