"It’s simple— teaching music is my passion. "

WM MUSIC LESSONS | Willie Morales

Music has always been a major part of my life. I grew up in a musical home, always intrigued listening to my grandfather play his favorite church hymns on classical guitar.

I was exposed early to The Beatles, Latin Jazz, and Michael Jackson— thus my love for music continued to grow. At the age of 15 I picked up the guitar and to this day, I have not put it down. As I moved from my teenage years into adulthood, I discovered new styles of music from the likes of Miles Davis to classical.

I began my own music education by reading books, taking private lessons, and playing in front of people, whether at churches, coffee shops, or LA concert venues. I studied guitar performance at Citrus Community College and now have over 20 years of experience in both worship ministry and providing private music lessons.

My goal for WM Music Lessons is to offer much more than typical private music lessons, which I noticed would tend to lack in personal connection. All of us at WM Music Lessons desire to form a strong relationship with each student. We believe in focusing on the unique interests of each individual we teach, allowing them the opportunity to tap into their personal gifts and talents. We want to refine their skills, encourage and motivate them to continue, then watch them grow in confidence and competence as musicians.

It’s simple— teaching music is my passion. I love to pour myself into each lesson and my hope is that our students use what they learn at WM Music Lessons to thrive as responsible and poised individuals, no matter their age or background. 


Willie Morales

Guitar | Ukulele | Piano



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WM MUSIC LESSONS | Willie Morales

Angie Jodjana

voice | piano | guitar

Hi everyone, My name's Angie, and I'm one of the teachers here at WM Music Lessons. My musical journey began at a very early age. I started taking piano when I was about 5 or 6. Throughout elementary school and middle school, I participated in multiple choirs, school plays, and even a couple of musicals done outside of school. In high school, I became heavily involved with our school choir and also began leading worship for the youth at our church. 

My parents have been extremely supportive of me pursuing a musical career, which has been a huge blessing especially in these past few years. Thanks to them and the many teachers I have had the opportunity to study under, I am currently double-majoring in Vocal Performance and Keyboard Collaborative Arts at Chapman University. 

WM MUSIC LESSONS | Willie Morales

monica basurto


I never thought writing a biography would be so difficult, but for some reason it is.  

Let me begin with my childhood.  Growing up, I think my parents always knew I had a love for music.  I would go around the house singing and dancing.  My father would play his guitar and sing Spanish songs to me.  Eventually I would join in on the singing.  While still a young child, my parents gifted me with my very own turntable with a large collection of single song records (45s).  I spent my childhood playing with my record player and singing along to everything ranging from folk songs to the Beatles.

As a teenager, I rediscovered the gift of singing and was blessed to join my church worship band, which helped develop my love of singing and music. Eventually, I found myself leading worship, traveling to other locations to help with worship, and singing at weddings and funerals too.  Music was my life.

Now, I am a homeschooling mother of 4 children, ages ranging from 10 to 17 years.  In addition, I tutor and teach high school Spanish and English to other homeschooled students, and beginning to intermediate piano to kids of all ages, grades elementary to high school.  All of my own kids play piano and are able to read music, which I consider an important part of their education.  Now I find there is no greater joy than to share the gift of music with other children as well.  

WM MUSIC LESSONS | Willie Morales

Amy Bender

art | violin | piano

Amy Bender earned a Bachelors of Science from Biola University, in fine arts, with an emphasis in drawing and painting.  She also holds two teaching credentials: a single subject credential in art, and a mild to moderate special education credential.  Amy has over seven years of classroom teaching experience.

Amy Bender has dedicated 30 years to playing the violin and was originally trained in the Suzuki Method.  In High School she was privileged to play with the Metropolitan Youth Symphony, Portland Oregon and in College was a member of the Biola University Orchestra. Committed to teaching beginning violinists, Amy has taught the violin for three years privately.




Angie makes the best of every minute in class.  She’s humble and persistent during the lesson until the time is up. She welcomes Leilani’s ideas and song suggestions.  She’s rarely without a smile and always makes our daughter feel comfortable during her lesson time.

-Roger and Star Barrera

My children have loved taking music lessons from Willie.  They began their lessons with no previous musical experience, but they felt comfortable on their new instruments right away. Willie has always been very patient and encouraging with the kids.  He challenges and motivates them to continue making progress.  We love that he offers several opportunities to showcase their hard work at recitals.  Music lessons have become a fun part of our week that the kids look forward to.


“Ms. Amy is a wonderful, patient and inspirational teacher.  My daughter looks forward to Monday’s, that is the best day of the week, because she has art class. I highly recommend Ms. Amy as a teacher because of her passion and inspiration for what she does.” 



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